Corporate Governance Rules


This Corporate Governance Report has been prepared based on the following rules


Rule 1: Construct a Balanced Board Composition.

Rule 2: Establish Appropriate Roles and Responsibilities.

Rule 3: Recruit Highly Qualified Candidates for Members of a Board of Directors and the Executive Management​.

Rule 4: Safeguard the Integrity of Financial Reporting.

Rule 5: Apply Sound Systems of Risk Management and Internal Audit.

Rule 6: Promote Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards.

Rule 7: Ensure Timely and High-Quality Disclosure and Transparency.

Rule 8: Respect the Rights of Shareholders.

Rule 9: Recognize the Roles of Stakeholders.

Rule 10: Encourage and Enhance Performance.

Rule 11: Focus on the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility.

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