Arzan Financial Group was established as an organic transformation brought about by the merger of three companies. The objective behind this transformation was to offer efficient, novel and professional financial management services to the Kuwaiti and MENA markets, through a single enterprise that provides diversified financial services. The company’s operations, policies and strategies underwent changes and modifications to meet the challenges of the company’s new roles. With the new role, came a new name.

Headed by a new Chairman/CEO and a new management team, Arzan Financial Group plans to provide its clients with personalized financial management and advisory services, in addition to investment tools that will enable its clients to meet the demands of the global market today. Arzan Group is configured to participate in a variety of business lines catering to small and medium enterprises, High Net Worth clients, as well as others.

The company’s business lines lie in wealth management, credit and assets management, debt collections, and venture capital investments.

As of 2021​, Arzan Group’s assets stood at 196,180,307 KWD divided as follows: Installments Credit 0.66%, Investments 89.76%, Financial Brokerage 6.25%, Real Estate 3.33%.

Arzan Financial Group is a member of International Financial Advisors Group (IFA), a leading consortium of 10 Kuwaiti companies listed on the stock market, with a total market capitalization equivalent to USD 6.6 billion. The market value of the consortium is 3.1% of the total market capitalization of Kuwait Stock Exchange. The main activities of the consortium cover real estate development, insurance and financial services, which are all administered through Arzan Financial group .

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