​​​​​​​​​This form should be submitted only to disclose the Insider Intention to make a transaction on AFG Securities in accordance with the below Article –

CMA bylaw Module 10 Article 3-6-1:​​

2. An Insider in the Listed Company shall disclose his intention to deal in Securities of the Listed Company, its Parent Company or any Subsidiary Company if listed in an Exchange to the Compliance Officer in that company before executing the transaction. Such disclosure shall contain the name of the Insider in a Listed Company and names of his minors who are under his custody who intend to execute such transaction, the position he holds in the Listed Company, quantity and nature of the Securities which he intends to trade, nature of the transaction and its date.​

    Who intend to execute such transaction?
    Nature of Securities?
    Nature of Transactions?
    Transaction Date?
    Additional Information (if any)