Client Complaint Instructions

  1. Customer submits the complaint by filling out the Complaint Form located on the Company’s website or as available on the ground floor at the Reception, to be submitted through one of the following methods:
    • In person to the reception at the Main Branch, located in Sharq, Arzan Tower, Ahmed Al Jaber Street.
    • By regular mail to the attention of the Head of Complaints Unit (PO Box 26442, Safat 13125, Kuwait).
    • By E-mail to the Head of Clients Complaint Unit (

    Download Compliant Form

  2. In case of receiving complaints from the customer personally, the Customer shall be provided with a copy of the complaint form indicating receipt of the complaint, the date of receipt, and the Complaint Number. In case of receiving the complaint form by regular mail or e-mail, the customer should be notified of receipt of the complaint including the Complaint Number by e-mail or text message on the client phone number registered with the company.
  3. The Head of the Complaints Section shall record the complaints immediately upon receipt and then submit them to the Complaints Unit to take the necessary actions in accordance with the Company’s policy and the instructions of the regulatory authorities.
  4. When actions are taken on the complaint made by any customer, a formal letter shall be sent to the customer within a maximum of 15 days for the Financing Activities and 30 days for the Investment Activities from the date of the complaint’s receipt, explaining the procedure taken into account regarding that complaint. A record of these letters, including the details of the complaint, shall be kept in the Customer Complaints Unit.

    Subject of complaint

    "I undertake that all the information I have provided to the company is correct and factual; and I undertake to bear full responsibility for the incorrectness of any such information provided. I also undertake that the subject matter of this complaint is not disputed at courts and I commit not to take any further action in the event the company adopts corrective action to correct the subject matter of the complaint and executes such action. I further pledge not to re-submit the same complaint subject matter to concerned regulatory authorities. "